D-link router compatibility issue!

Hi all! Newbie to the site. I just purchased a WD Live TV and really did not pay attention to what routers are compatible with the unit. I figured since i would be running a CAT-5 straight to the router that it would not matter. But it seems that my router, the D-Link DIR-628 is not on the list. Has anyone tried this router? has it been confirmed that it will not work at all with the unit? What would be the alternative besides having to replace the router? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


No, chances are you’ll be fine.   The list that WD provides is not EXCLUSIVE, it’s just a list of devices that they tested and confirmed will work properly.

Thanks Tony,

I’m sure I’ll run into a few snags during set up (it seems to be fairly common), but I wanted to make sure from the start that the router was not going to be an issue.

Keep us posted!

actually, it went very well. I installed the unit this last weekend and i had very few problems. I guess I already had my homeshare network set up properly because right off the bat the unit was connected. I just couldn’t play any media (i forgot to install the SW on my computer). it took about 5 tries to get the DVDdrive to recognize the disk though. it was kind of weird. Then when the program came up, it updated and then went right into the network  mapping configuration. but it told me there was no connection to a network, but on the WD Live there was a connection and at that point I could play movies and music from my computer on my A/V system. the only issue i see now is that on movies, (i watched 2 yesterday), it will skip, freeze, speed up and jump occasionally throughout the playback. Is this normal. I am using a wired connection, so I didn;t think that would be an issue, but it seems that it is. Is it a settings issue or bandwith issue?