Another wireless question


I’m running a Linksys WRT54G wireless router and I have just purchased the HD Live media (HDLMP) player. I understand from the manual that with appropriate networking I can copy files from my PC to a storage device connected to the HDLMP.  I have checked the list of compatible wireless network adapters and it seems that the HDLMP is extremely selective towards particular devices, device revisions and firmware versions.  Where and what can I buy that out of the box that will work without having compatibility concerns?  I am worried that I will buy an uncompatible adapter : (

I only want to be able to copy files across my network for playback at a later date.



The list of compatible hardware for the WD TV Live can be viewed here:

It’s not a complete list by any means but anything listed is guaranteed to work, as long as the version numbers match (as you rightly point out).

Personally, I’ve connected my WD TV Live up wireless via 2 different methods.

Initially, I hooked it up to a Linksys WAP54G access point via ethernet cable.  This effectively ruled out any concern regarding USB adapter support.  ;)  The only downside was sharing it with my old Xbox (had to swap cables between uses).

I then realised that I had a Belkin wireless USB adapter sitting doing nothing (for my ancient laptop that never gets used). It is a Belkin F5D8051, which is $77 on (got mine at Frys 2 years ago).  Works great, plugged in and recognised straight away. Better signal strength than the Linksys AP!

You can find many of the other supported adapters cheaper tbh.  

Really, you should just shop around and verify that they’re the correct revision.  

Might be easier purchasing from an actual store for peace of mind (check the box for model / version numbers).

If in doubt, post a link and we’ll give you a 2nd opinion! :slight_smile: