Real noobie here

do I need to purchase an adapter to get my WD Live to work wirelessly? I have a router and it works  when I hard wire it in. But I thought I could hook it up to my wireless router if I wanted to? I am wrong?

thanks for any info ,please noinsults , I am green as grass.


Yes, you need to purchase an optional adapter.

You can buy one from the WD Store, or buy one of the compatible versions from this list:

Thank you very much.

Me again. So I would purchase a USB Adapter? and it can  connect to my broadband wireless router? then I can access my WD teratbyte external storage  of files?

Bought a   TP link TL WN821N  like suggested . when it arrives I will let you know how it worked out. Cheers.


HI ,

 TP link just arrived , unfortunately all the instructioons are in Chinese??? I tried to bumble through the install. Microsoft says I have the latest drivers. but when I plug it into my WD it does not show the  wireless  setup page?  Am I missing something here?

thanks in advance


You won’t need any instructions.   THere’s nothing to install…  you do NOT need to put it on your computer.

If your WD doesn’t recognize it, then it’s not a supported revision.

I must be  a dunce.  I plug it into my wd and it will not connect to my network. I even tried the QSS but it did not connect either?? I took this item right off the list that was recommended  in my other post/   I will keep trying but any info or lead would be greatly appreciated. when I plug it into my computer it says it is connected to my router?



TP link works fine?  The WD live does not recognise it???  Any suggestions/


The only TP-LINK WN821N that was tested was Ver. 2.2   Is that the one you have?

NO  I just checked and I have version 3. Is it possible to uninstall it and try version 2 ?

It’s hardware, not software. You can’t change it.

so I am up the creek!!

anyone need this .

I will have to buy something else now.

Thanks for all the help


If you buy another wireless adapter, make sure that the hardware version number of the adapter matches the version number in the list of approved adapters. As you found out, if you get a different version it will not work. Perhaps you can return the one you bought and exchange it for one that is on the list.

Thanks for the advice.

I will give it a try.