SMB1 or 2 or 3?


  1. Can’t find any information in manual on SMB3?

  2. Can you advice which SMB (1, 2 or 3) is more preferable to be selected in settings for better performance? If it impacts on performance?

I use my EX2 via W7 64 and from my Apple Mobile devices only.

P.S. I see in dashboard is mentioned, that SMB2 gives worse performance.


In WD installed Samba v4.0 alpha.

Maximum is: 60/45 Mbyte/s (read/write).

Fox, my question was which SMB do you suggest to select in settings in dashboard? There is no SMB4, only 1-3.


I currently use SMB-3.  The reason for this is that SMB3 has some very distinct advantages over 2 and 1 and is backwards compatible.  If you do a google search on SMB3 you will find plenty of information.  I have had no problems with file access either locally or remotely while using SMB3.


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I had done some digging on this months ago but don’t remember the details anymore. All I doremember is that unless you have Win 8, you can’t take advantage of the improvements in SMB3, and are best off in SMB2 for Win 7. So I use SMB2 on mine.

If you use SMB3 your covered because it is backwards compatible.