Smartware not seeing SanDisk Cruzer Fit USB Flash drive as a source

My Cloud
Smartware: v2.4.21.1

Subject says it all. According to this WD page, my SanDisk Cruzer Fit is supported by Smartware, however, the drive isn’t recognized by Smartware (does not appear in the drop down of source drives).

But, WD Quick View recognizes the drive. And when I right click the Smartware icon in the tray, one option is “Safely remove Cruzer Fit USB”. So it’s clearly being recognized.

I’ve also tried all three file system formats on the Cruzer Fit. Any thoughts?

Thank you!

@MetsFan I’m not sure if this link will work or not but try it for the User Manual for SmartWare.

Checking your link it applies to, My Cloud Home USB Backup and Compatibility. Where did you read that it applies to SmartWare which does not work with a My Cloud Home. Check this page and look under SmartWare for Applicable Products.

My bad on the link I provided in it’s for My Cloud Home and not My Cloud. Nothing in the manual regarding flash drives.

Just doesn’t appear that my SanDisk USB flash drive can be used as a source drive.

Thanks anyway all.