WD Smartware doesn't see WD My Cloud drive

I have re-downloaded then upgraded the WD Smartware to Pro today.  It finds my old “My Book” 2 tb drive and DropBox, but it does not see the new “WD My Cloud” 3tb network drive.  The only difference I noted in Smartware is the the “Upgrade” option is no longer available.  Otherwise the 3 tb drive works fine.  How can I get Smartware to recognize and list the “WD My Cloud” drive?  I have rebooted twice.  -Mike

I have the same, the software does not see my MyCloud drive, please fix ASAP!

I found a possible solution:  I re-installed the WD Smartware a third time (today) and incidentally updated the firmware for the “WD My Cloud” drive by the manual method (I had done this by the automatic method preveiously).  Now Smartware sees the “WD My Cloud” drive.  So currently I have no problem.