SmartVue surveillance software

Anyone know how I can download the new SmartVue surveillance software for MyCloud?


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Does this software require dedicated SSH installation? Or does it run from a host computer and then connects to a NAS? If the latter, then I’d recommend confirming with the User Manual, as universal instructions should work with your WD My Cloud.

What is being requested is how to download the Smartvue app for the EX2/EX4 that was supposed to be available in October 2014 to allow connectivity and monitoring of IP cameras.   

The official WD press release is here:

There’s not been any update on this since Sept 2014 announcement by both WD and Smartvue. It was one of the reasons I purchased an EX2.   There is not a reference nor a link on the EX2 or EX4 product page listings of available apps for Smartvue tool.

Would appreciate an update on Smartvue app availability from someone in WD Marketing.


It sounds like this is in the wrong forum then. this is for the basic mycloud which WD does not support installing other apps