Slow speed during backup and copying files

Hi everyone,

i just setp up my new mirror gen. 2. However the system is very slow. I’m in my home network (fritzbox 7330 ) and try to make a backup and moved some files into the mycloud directory (which i inclued as network storage). This has a rate between 2-3 mb per second, which is in my opinion very slow. Looks more like it is uploading the files to WD and then putting them on the system. Do you guys have any idea my it is so slow?

Thanks John

Which Ethernet port is the one you are using? Based on the specifications for the FRITZ!Box 7330, only 1 port is Gigabit-capable (LAN 1, next to the USB port). The other port will severely limit your unit’s performance. Additionally, wireless network performance for your router is 300 Mbit/s, which is another possible bottleneck to consider.

Hi Trancer,

thanks for your reply. I have checked the port and you were right, now i switched it to the gigabit port. However I only get 2 mb per second more. So now i have around 5 mb/s. Checked the the wlan, have a rate from 114 Mbit/s in my windows network center. Any other ideas what I could try?

Thanks John

Using a lan connection gives me a speed of 10 mb/s. Is this normal? Thought it should be at minimum 40 mb/s…

I found that the Windows Service called Volume Shadow Copy had to be enabled and set to Automatic.

Control Panel – Administrative Tools – Services

Scroll down list of services to Volune Shadow Copy abd double click to open contro box

Set to Automatic and then Start the service.

This seemed to fix one of many issues I originally had with getting a clean backup.

Other issues are backing up directories that have a huge number of files. Clip art has a huge number of files. Also some of the App data / Local for some applications like Mozilla have a huge number of files. It seems like Smartware chokes on a huge number of small files.

Last thing is make sure you are not backing up a directory that has a lot of files that are in use like system files etc. Once Smartware has a big list of files it can’t back up, it goes back and retries very often and ties up the backup.

Hope some of this helps.