Please help with my set up

I have a brand new 3TB MyCloud drive. My backup speed is horrible and I’m trying to figure out why.

I’ve read many posts here on the topic, but nothing seems to help.

My desktop machine has a gigabit ethernet card, it is set to auto detect sppeed and duplex and the “jumbo frame” is disabled.

I have a gigabit switch in the office (the switch is then connected to the router downstairs). On the switch is my computer, my printer, the MyCloud and the TV box.

I use backup software called NovaStor.

Previously, I had a USB 2.0 external drive. A backup of 225 GB took about 4 hours. I started a backup this afternoon to see how well this drive worked and I finally stopped it after 3 hours and it had backed up about 40%. The speed stayed at about 9 - 10 MB/sec.

All lights were green, on both the drive and the switch.  (except hte power light, of course, it is blue)

I then tried just copying a large amount of data. I “cut and pasted” my entire photo library. This time it ran at about 25 MB/sec … much better.

So, a software issue? Anything else I should check?

Actually if your connection speed is about 25MB/s, that is about average for a mixture of files.  You only get 40-45MB/s max write speeds usually for a single large file like about 500MB. Read speeds is about 70-80MB/s again for a filesize of 500.

When you have a mixture of music files, movies, photos etc, you average out to about 9-10MB/s which isn’t the fault of your backup software but rather it is the seeking, repositioning, directory structures and memory caching that is causing the delay and not your Gigabit lan, nor the Cloud device. In other words, it’s normal.

You cannot compare it to a local drive like a USB device which can get greater speeds, but you lose your cloudness :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve dropped down to about 5-6MB/s for my ebooks which of course takes hours to copy; but in the end… it is only done once and now it is available in the cloud or rather over somewhere else rather then in a usb drive  in your hands that you could potentially lose or drop. 

So having backed up 40% over a 3 hour time is actually great! It took me several days to transfer 3.2TB of files and I knew this and prepared for it, but its done.

Just be glad that you don’t have to backup to a real internet cloud which will take weeks.

edit: remember MB/s is Megabytes per second as oppose to Mb/s megabits per second. The first gives you a value of about 15-20 seconds to write a 733MB file and 10 seconds to read it back, thus 40-45MB/s writes and 70-80MB/s reads

I was pretty happy with the direct copy … 25 whatevers per second … it was the 9-10 on the backup that had me bothered.

I do a full back-up once a month and incremental backups twice a week. Having my computer down for an entire day while the back-up runs is not feasible.

I did notice that on prior backups to the USB drive, the program did one huge file (that’s what it’s supposed to do, it’s not a direct copy) …anyway, that file is in the neighborhood of 225 GB. On the MyCloud, there were 6-7 smaller files. Does the MyCloud have a file size limit that I was unaware of?

And a new problem … This morning, the MyCloud is no longer on the network … the lights are green on the drive and the switch, but there is a red “x” on the mapped drive in Windows Explorer and it no longer shows up under “Network” … hard to run scheduled back-ups if the drive isn’t “there”!

Beginning to regret my purchase …