New user question - v slow backups to my cloud 4.0 Gb - is this normal?

Hi I am trying to back up an internal 1TB SATA 2 drive across a gigabit wired network from a Win 7 PC -> Router -> My Cloud ( all connections confirmed as running at Gigabit).

SW used is Smartware at latest version, files are a mix of docs, ebooks and media.
Backup has been running since last night - for about 18hrs now - but has only backed up 256Gb (126k files) so far.

Smartware also says there are 410Gb (3k files) not backed up.

Is the not backed up message showing failed copies as the number seems to be getting larger. If so, how do I remedy please?

Overall, this seems really slow - I realise that copying many small files is much slower than fewer larger ones but does this kind of speed seem normal?

Finally, is there a way to check / meter transfer speed speed written to the my cloud?

Many thanks in advance - all advice gratefully accepted.

Kind Regards

First, the initial backup using Smartware will ALWAYS take a very long time. Its the nature of the beast when it comes to performing the first backup.

Second, read the following thread for more information on copy speeds with the My Cloud and various things to try.

Third, make sure the router or switch the My Cloud and computer are connected to via Ethernet wire is actually a Gigabit router/switch.

Fourth, one can read the Smartware User Manual ( to learn about how the software works and its various features/settings.

Fifth, one can use various software program to test the network general speed to an NAS device like the My Cloud. Crystal Disk Mark ( is one such program. One can search this subforum to find various other discussions where people have posted their speed using the Crystal Disk Mark program. Here are two such threads:

Lastly, there are many factors that can impact the copy speed. These include; the motherboard bus speed, the hard drive type, the hard drive speed, the network port speed of the computer, then there are other factors like network overhead, other devices on the local network that may be transferring data at the same time through the local network to the My Cloud. Then there is the hard drive used within the My Cloud itself and its speed/capabilities. Just because things are advertised and marketed as having 1 Gbps speed or rated for SATA III (up to 600MB/s) doesn’t mean one will get anything close to the advertised speeds. Everyone’s network and hardware is different so while you may have slow speed due to your hardware/network, others may have faster or even slower speeds because of their hardware/network.

Thank you so much for your excellent reply - it is much appreciated.
It’s coming up to 24hrs now and the progress bar isn’t even 1/4 along :frowning:

One of the issues was I have never actually backed this drive up (I know - silly of me) so now I have started would like to get it done sooner rather than (a lot) later.

I think I may cancel the WD Backup over the LAN and do a USB backup to another drive I have.

Thanks again
Take care