Slow rsync performance

I am working on migrating a large amount of data to the MyCloud 8TB. I have found that one of the best methods to do this is to initiate an rsync command using SSH. I am currently seeing 2.30MB/s transfer rate which seems unusually slow. The MyCloud is connected to a MyBook Mirror Studio II with USB2.0. I was expecting a transfer rate closer to 30-40MB/s. I have tried a music folder with 10k ~10MB files and an application folder with ~10 ~4GB files both with similar performance. I have read up on Ralphael posts about stopping services and have stopped wdphotodbmergerd and wdmcserverd. Any advice?

Well using a USB 2.0 device is one major bottle neck. The My Cloud USB port supports USB 3.0. If possible use a USB 3.0 drive directly connected to the My Cloud USB port.

But if you search this subforum (if you haven’t already - magnifying glass icon upper right) you will find that many have complained about slow USB 3.0 speeds to/from USB 3.0 devices attached to the My Cloud. The often slow transfer speed of the My Cloud USB port is what it is.

Generally WD recommends (its in the User Manual too on page 97 in Appendix C) that if one is transferring a large amount of data from a USB hard drive, to connect that USB hard drive to a computer and have that computer connected via Gigabit Ethernet to the My Cloud and transfer the USB drive contents that way.