Slow data transfer over USB

Hi guys,

I just got the 4tb Mycloud mirror and have set it up on my network.

I currently have another WD Mybook connected to the Mycloud mirror via the USB port on the back of the mirror.

I am copying across a movies folder (182GB) and the transfer rate seems super slow! Both devices are USB 3 capable, my iMac has a USB 3 port as well (although no devices are connected to it).

what i did was open the mycloud mirror on the iMac via the finder and dragged/dropped the folder across. It is saying around a 6 hour timeframe which seems crazy long with 2 USB 3 devices!

Is there anyway to speed up the transfer? I was going to do it over the network with a ethernet cable but that would be even slower.

See ->

It’s for EX2 butalso applies to Mirror.

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Not really comfortable using SSH to control this…is there no other way to go direct transfer?

I mean its 200GB of files that i need to move, it has taken over 3 hours to do which is a joke…not buying WD again - should have gone with synology/qnap instead.