Slow network transfers & format type

Hello all, well i have a usb drive that is formatted in NTSF now i dont think that the WD Live unstands that format so what format do i need to use for that to work?  Second I had a small drive hooked up to the unit and transfers to the drive were painfully slow?   Does anyone have a link they can post where i might find some info to correct that problem?  thanks all.

Don’t know about the other stuff, but my Gen1 and Gen2 support NTFS over USB just fine. As far as speed goes, this could be a function of the drive you have. For instance, I have 2 Corsair flash drives, one 2GB and one 16GB. The 2GB drive is pretty fast while the 16GB drive is dang slow. This is the same when using it with my computer. Hope this gives a little insight into your problem.

The WDTV does support NTFS. Are you talking about a USB hard drive or USB flash drive. Some people have reported problems with some makes of USB flash drives.

Transfers from where were slow. More detail required.

ok so i can reformat my drive with ntfs and be fine?  im transfering files from my main computer to the wd over my wired network so 10 gigs takes about 30 minutes does that sound right?