Are we really stuck with transfer rates of 1.5 MB/sec to the NTFS USB hard drive !?

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Is there something we can do to help boost the speed of transferring files on a wired 100 Mb/s network to a NTFS USB hard drive attached? I tried everything I could think of, but big data files take an eternity, feels like going back to the dial-up era. Maybe to format it different? If so, what format type is the fastest on this device: NTFS, FAT/FAT32 or HFS+?

What about your experience? Have you ever used HFS+, because FAT/FAT32 is out of the question because of the file size limitation of 4GB.

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I can’t tell you what the problem is but I can say that it is not the formatting,

I have a 1TB WD essentials hard drive formatted with NTFS connected to the USB slot on the WDTV Live which is hardwired through a Netgear DG834GT router and average 9-10 MB/sec when transferring files.

I have the hard drive mapped as a network drive on the PC and just “Drag & Drop” from the PC,

I had read that a program called Teracopy can increase speeds but have tried it with no effect other than the program trying to control all of the file movements on my PC (Very Annoying)

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Thank you for your input. How do you know is not the formatting? Have you ever tried HFS+?

And lucky you, if you have 10MB/sec on NTFS. Then it means that my network configuration has a limitation somewhere. But I do not want to go to that field. It tends to become complicated to troubleshoot network. I want to stick to the speed of the USB port only. Your experience helps me.

I tried Teracopy and I agree with you, except messing up with my computer does not do more.

All the best and hope to see some more experiences coming in this post

Teracopy does not have to be integrated into your computer. You can change the preferences (menu, options) and only use it when you desire (right hand click and open). 

Hi,I’m no expert and so probably one of those annoying people that give answers that are fit for the bin only.The reason I answer this is because my Dell computer  is not running USB 2.0 speed on its USB ports to my surprise, as it used to. I have reloaded the chipset and USB driver files to no avail.I only noticed this by switching off my portable hard drive and back on again.Up comes the message-this device could run faster if the USB port was 2.0(thousands of web help requests for this one).I’ve ordered two belkin 5 port pci-usb 2 hubs in the hope of obtaining a required speed to watch average video from my pc hard drive as I’m not going down the-try altering this in the registry fix.Hopefully for less than £20 this cures my slow drive speeds.

The interface on the Live is not anywhere near fast enough to max out USB so file system really doesn’t matter.  I can transfer to a NTFS USB drive on the Live at 10MB/sec without a problem. Start small and connect the Live directly to the pc using a crossover cable. If you get 10MB/sec then , you know it is the router.

For me, 3.5 Mo continuous with Freebox network. The transfert between my pc and my laptop is > 15Mo with the same architecture. So I would like find a solution to improve tranfert performance

I have made a lot of speed tests here:

The short answer is: Use the file system ext2 or ext3 for the best performance.

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