Slow transferring

I have a WD Passport 1TB. I plug my drive into my gateway computer, to transfer my Music to my drive. The drive wont let me format to NTFS so I had to use REF. when it starts to transfer my songs it calculates and says speed 0 bytes and it says more than a day to finish. I need help I already cleaned the drive and that didn’t work. I have really fast wireless internet. so please help this is taking to way to long.

What concerns me is why it wouldn’t let you format the drive NTFS. There could be other issues with the drive that are causing the transfer problems. Can you try a factory restore of the drive so it reformats back to ExFat and see if your transfer rates improve?

How do I factory restore the drive?

Go to the support page, choose your model of Passport Wireless and look in the user manual for instructions on how to do the reset.

Mines not wireless.

Then why did you post your question in the Passport Wireless forum?

I did it accidentally.