Slow MyBook Thunderbolt 4GB 70mb/s read and write


I bought my drive about 2 months ago but for the last week I’ve had problems with it being very very slow. When it was new I got 200mb/s+ easy on both write and read which is needed for the raw material from my Red Epic. However this week the speeds has dropped significantly to 70mb/s or less.

Im running on a Macbook Pro Retina early 2013 with the drive formatted to RAID1 from the start.

Is the disc broken or what is this?

  • Mattias Stahre

Have you tired to Verify Disk and Verify Disk Permission in Disk Utility to make sure the drive is healthy?

I have indeed and Im getting no errors at all.

I have not found any problems with copying files either other than that it goes very slowly compared to what it should be.

Can anyone from WD help me or should I just make a consumer complaint and get my money back?