Slightly fainter lower half of screen

Hello everyone!

I’ve had my WD box for a couple of months now, and ignoring the frequent Media Library rebuilding, I’m very happy with it. I’ve been lurking here for the whole time, learning the intricacies of metathumb files etc. 

My problem is that in dark scenes the entire lower half of my screen is slightly fainter than the top half. This doesn’t happen with other sources like TV or Xbox video. 

My WD box is connected to a Samsung EH6030 3D LED TV via an inexpensive Amazon Basics HDMI cable. 

Is this caused by the WD box or could it be the HDMI cable?

Doubtful that it’s the HDMI cable.   It could be the WD box (though I’ve never heard of this type of system) – or possibly a “Local Dimming” setting that’s incorrect on the TV.

Thanks for the reply, I will look again at local dimming settings although I believe I turned off all of the enhancement options except Samsung’s clear motion thing. (Perhaps that is the problem, I don’t know anything about TVs I just followed the advice I found in an AVforums post). 

I was hoping it would be as simple as replacing the cable. :cry: