Screen is dimming

my screen is dimming while watching a show after about 20 min.  like the screen saver is trying to come on.  only noticed this in netflix so far (haven’t tested this in other stuff)  but I don’t think it’s done that since the new firmware. 

I haven’t tried to turn off the screen saver yet either becasue I want it on while using pandora.

is it netflix or a issue with the unit or settings?

I’ve had my WD Live ver3  for since Nov 11. I have the latest firmware. I was interested in your post because I have a similar problem with Netfix. I really notice it while watching the AMC show “Mad Men” The show gets really dark, then will lighten a bit, but in general every episode is darker then other shows. And it’s not the whole screen, it’s just the dark tones, and shadows in the show that are really black to the point where I can’t see detail’s. This issue has bugged me a lot.

 I’m watching on a standard def TV, using the (I hate to even write it) composite cable. No HDMI for me. It’s only Netflix that has this issue. All other channels work fine.

 As a side note I installed PlayOn on my PC and was able to get it up and running on my WD live in 5 min. It has Netflix so I logged into my account and tested the same “Mad Men” show and it looks great running through PlayOn. So it has to be something to do with the way the WD Live process’s the Netflix stream.

I sure would like any feedback if others are having this problem also.

Just wanted to update my last post. Last night for the first time since I’ve had the WD Live (5 months) I started getting what the OP was talking about. I’d been watching Netflix for about an hour when whole screen dimmed down to almost black. I hit pause and the color came back. About 20min later it happened again. I’ve watched a lot of Netflix and this is the first time this has happened to me.

 After the show was done, I went in and turned off the screensaver. I had it set to come on after 10min. I have only watched a 45min show so far today, and it hasn’t happened again.

  Anyone else having this happen??

I have this problem too… Very disappointing.