Screen keeps switching with a 3 second delay after netflix and blockbuster

Everytime I view a Netflix show and go back into the main menu on the media player the screen  switches from normal to overscan and then back again.  It goes black for a couple of seconds between switches.   When I unplug the HDMI chord and plugged it back in it returns to normal.  I have downloaded the newest firmware but the problem still persists.  Does anyone know the fix?

Try changing the HDMI cable or using component. Ive seen issue simalar to that one witha XBOX. Move the cable around to see if its the slot which the HDMI is plugged in.

The screen mode changes are due to the WD engaging HDCP (High Definition Content Protection) mechanisms, and releasing them.

You say that it ultimately returns to “Normal,” right?   So is this really a problem, or just an annoyance?