Screen saver

Last night I was streaming/watching some ISO movies to the hub but the screensaver would keep popping on, is this normal? I does not do it with netflix, just the network computer. I do not want to just turn it off. Any ideas.

What version of FW?  

Were you interacting with the Hub, or was all this streaming sourced by the PC via DLNA?

FW is the first version 2.01.05, I think, not at home right now, it’s not the latest I know that, have not taken that plunge yet. I was straming via PC throught the LAN  I am guessing because the hub itself is not doing anything itself that it does this? IDK, I turned it off (the screensaver) so I could finish the movie to make sure I didn’t have other issues (there were non).

WD Logo or custom image?

Try updating and see if it helps - the update is quick and painless and if you have issues you can always roll back.

What OS is your computer running? If Linux do you know what Samba implementation your running?