Pink, faded overlay + Blurry Double Vision when randomly playing files

Randomly (happens rougjly 3/10 times when playing files) I’ll get a pink overlay and the screen also displays a fuzzy double vision. I’ve tried this on multiple TVs HDMI and even composite cables. Not sure why this is happening. Perhaps a defective Live Hub box or something else? This happens when playing all sorts of different video files. Local .mkvs, .avis and even netflix. Also happens occassionally when streaming hulu through PlayOn as well. Last night it actually did this outsid of the movie files/netflix playing. Where as before it was only happening while the video was playing and then I would hit stop and it would return to normal. Not sure why this is happening. Took some pictures of it. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Just to be clear, this happens over composite as well as HDMI?

This is correct. I have an odler television I had orginally used this on and then switched to my 1080p lcd and went to hdmi. It appears to be happening more frequently than before. Unsure if that is relevant or not though.

Guy would know better than I would, but if it happens over composite as well, that would seem to indicate to me that there’s a short on the circuitboard grounding some of the colour lines.  I’d RMA the device, because it shouldn’t be doing that.

If the device worked properly over composite, but was mangled over HDMI, then the HDMI cable would have been the first suspect.

I’ve asked our tech support to contact you.

I will swap out HDMI cables and check this after work to see if it may resolve the issue. I’ll keep an eye out for tech support contact. I assume they will be emailing me. (I work in technical support (though not for WD) as well so this should be fun :P)

Technical Support has not contacted me yet so I’ll go ahead and post here. blehh. Unfortunately, i’ve tested this on 2 seperate HDMI cables and even switched out HDMI ports (to be certain there was not a faulty connection in one of the 3 available HDMI ports I have on my tv) and this issue still randomly occurs. Earlier this actually happened and then my device actually reset itself. No dice. What **bleep** is that i actually am extemely pleased with the product, when it works fine. Overall pumped about what’s being released, and even wanting to take part in content releases (mainly themes, but also the possibility of developmental ideas).

At this point i’m an angry pirate! Arrrrghh! Can anyone help me out here? Thinking it may be a defective unit. If that’s the case I have regular WDTV Live Plus to live on until I get a replacement unit. But I really really dread waiting. My laptop fan (which, in my laptop’s model is extremely hard to get to so im relying on warranty in case something else doesnt go FUBAR on me and I dont god forbid void the warranty by attempting to fix it myself and cats rain, claws-out from the sky onto my face)

I may be having a less than perfect week. :confused:

I think if it were me I’d be replacing it.

Like RG said above, the fact that it’s happening on both HDMI and COMPOSITE outputs points to a low-level hardware issue that, even if troubleshooting DOES identify the exact reason, would be extremely difficult if not impossible to correct.

Are you going to have to open an RMA with WD, or do you have the option of exchanging it at your local retailer?

Thanks for your input guys. I’m getting a replacement from amazon. New one should arrive within a few days.

Update on this just so you guys are aware. After getting the new WD Live Hub the problem still happens fom time to time. I’ve discovered that when this happens, if I pull out the HDMI cable and then reinsert it, it actually returns to normal. I have 4 different HDMI Cables (all different brands) I have tried this on and it continues to happen. I’ve also tried all 4 of my HDMI ports on my TV with the same result.

It appears this is actually a problem with my TV. This does not happen with any other HDMI video device though. It’s bearable, but annoying at times. For now it seems like something i’m just going to have to live with, unfortunately.

Just thought i’d let you guys know what was up with it.

Keep up the fine work!

It’s not your tv. It’s happened to me too but only once. I turned it on and the splash screen was pink and wouldn’t load past it. I reset it and it booted fine. Haven’t had another pink screen since. *knocks on wood*

I had the same problem two… has to roll back the firmware to before 4_21 and this fully resolved thei issue.   So the problem MUST be firmware.  I have logged a support ticket… we will see.

I ran into this same problem for the first time - the moment I upgraded to the 2.06.10 firmware. Playing around with the settings - it looks like the problem is that the Hub is not auto-detecting correctly what the TV supports and sends out wrong resolution / color-depth.

Try manually selecting the resolution and see if that helps.

I have the same problem. Also it won’t turn on with remote or power button I have to unplug it. When it turns on it’s pink and then I go to appearence settings to get the colour back.

I just bought this unit yesterday - was working great last night and I was very impressed. Woke up this AM and pink overlay on my screen. I’ve factory reset, powered up/down, unplugged re-plugged with no results (I have 3 other media devices plugged on this and they work fine) - hugely dissapointed with this device.

* update * after another factory reset and leaving it off for over an hour it seems to work.