Shuttle XL empty modules available?

Hi! I have purchased a second hand 24TB Shuttle XL (Thunderbolt 2) RAID system, with 6x4TB drives and the 2 ev modules.

One of the drives has given an error and dropped out, leaving my RAID vulnerable.

I have ordered a spare duplicate drive (not ACTUALLY the exact same model number; The ones in the raid are HUST26040ALE614, and the replacement is a HUST26040ALE610) and I’m hoping that’ll be just fine.

However, it’s made me think that, as I’ll never use the ev connectors for anything, I’d like to populate the slots with another 2 x 4TB drives, but it doesn’t seem that empty Shuttle modules are available for sale.

I could buy full ones from WD but a) there’s no info on what drive models are in them and b) it costs MORE THAN DOUBLE the cost of the drive alone, which I object to, because the drive module is about $10 worth of plastic.

Do I have any options?

Please refer to the datasheet for G-SPEED Shuttle XL to check all available model description of the drive:

I don’t really know how helpful this comment is.

A simple “You cannot buy empty Shuttle drive modules” would have been sufficient, rather than pointing me at a document that doesn’t really answer my question.

Fine. I will find a second hand module, and replace all the drives with non-WD drives.