Shutdown from Web Interface

DL4100 - Firmware 2.31.204
Under Help, I see this:
Click Settings.
In the left pane, click Utilities.
In the Device Maintenance>Device Power area, click Shutdown.
Review the confirmation message and then click OK… Your WD My Cloud safely shuts down.
The only choices are Hibernate and Reboot

sbin/poweroff is what I found

little help :slight_smile:I putty/ssh,
logged in and it said sbin not found?
I know less than zero
after google “ls” just comes back to same root prompt?

sbin is a folder so actually the command would be /sbin/poweroff or get to the folder first

root@DL4100 root # cd /sbin
root@DL4100 /sbin # ls
adjtimex    fsck        fsck.vfat   ifenslave   losetup     modprobe    route       sysctl      vconfig
arp         fsck.fat    getty       init        mdev        pivot_root  swapoff     syslogd     zcip
dosfsck     fsck.msdos  ifconfig    logread     mkswap      **poweroff**    swapon      udhcpc
root@DL4100 /sbin #
actually you can just type "poweroff" and any options available as soon as you are logged in. it may be necessary to preface that with "sudo" - options are:
        -d SEC  Delay interval
        -n      Do not sync
        -f      Force (don't go through init)

i left out the slash /