How can I factory reset dl4100 without having access to dashboard?

Can anyone help me?
I am desperate and on the brink of using a sledge hammer!

there is a reset button on the back
power off
hold button in
power on
release button after a count to 35

I did it…3 times and it is still stuck.
I think I am sending it back hoping I can do it.
I spent 1500$


Do you have any suggestion on the best RAID Level?


If Rich’s WD FAQ link doesn’t do the job, I’d say you have a real issue and you should call WD Support. BTW, holding reset button for longer isn’t necessary for the DL series, but it often is for the earlier My Cloud devices.

I have a DL2100, and it is preset for RAID1 and I kept it that way, but if your unit has 4 drives, another method may be better. Do you have the complete user manual for this gadget? If not, you need it, so download it from Support link.