Shared Folders Missing from Smart TV AND Request Cannot Be Completed

Hi All,

I have been using my WD Live Book Duo happily for years. A few days ago, I copied some content to my public folder, temporarily, and since then my shared folders have been missing from my Smart TV. I know the chances are slim that the content I copied over had anything to do with that, but I thought I’d share because you never know.

Anyway, I streamed a move from my Duo the middle of last week. To get to it from my smart tv, I selected Duo > content type=video > By Folder > watch the movie.

Now I have to select Duo > content type = video > Video > Folder > Public > Video. And that’s even if I get that far. Most of the time I’m getting “Request cannot be completed.” AND it’s showing me folder for storage, which I did a search for on my Duo and it doesn’t seem to exist.

I haven’t made any changes to my settings. And I can see the Live Duo on my desktop, watch movies on my desktop, and see the Live Duo on my router.

Any thoughts? What other info do you need?