WD Duo Live 6TB video files can not be seen on Samsung Smart TV Allshare play


I want to access all my video files on WD Duo Live and stream it to Samsung Smart TV. But the WD Duo can not be seen by the Allshare play. I can see and stream videos to my Iphone/Ipad and they are all in the same network. Any idea on what configuration/setting need to check on WD Duo?


Hi, from the my book dashboard go to settings/Media and verify if the DLNA streaming check box is selected. Also check if you have the latest firmware update installed. Just in case, I have seen that Samsung Tv’s have problems with the media server on the my book live. 

Hi Guys

i too have a similar issue with a bit of a twist!

using the allshare application I can access movies in one folder but when I check in the other one I vacant see any media, this was working yesterday (no updates overnight, but I did do an update last week on the NAS server last week, this has been working fine upto today) I’ve tried to reboot the my duo to no avail. Samsung tv is UE55ES6560.

this has been working fine until now, the only thing that has changed is last night I transferred about 30gb of home video to the nas drive (6tb by the way)

lastly does anyone know what sort of frequency I would expect to have to reboot the drive?

any help would be much appreciated, I purchased this drive for convenience so keen to use to its full potential!

many thank in advance!