DLNA folderstructure and Smartware problems

Okey, so at first I must admit, I didn’t really follow the manual when it comes to DLNA…

I deleted any ‘shared folders’ that I thought I didn’t need.

Thus all shared folders were gone. All that remained were WD’s ’ Software ’ and my own ’ Film’, ‘Music’ and ‘Backup’. These were all entered though the ’ Shares’ menu.

Now, when I try and access the Duo by Sony PS3 or Samsung UE6100 TV, I get a hugely complicated folderstructure.

I reread the manual and added the shared folders and the smartware folders again. Thus having these:

  • Public

  • Smartware 

  • Overige ( means ‘Misc’ in Dutch )

In my Public share / folder I have these:

  • Shared Music

  • Shared Videos

  • Shared Photos

  • Software ( WD map with WD software )

In each Shared folder I have my content sorted in it’s own map structure.

I.e. Shared Video -> Series -> *name of serie* -> season 1 -> *actual content S01E01.avi*

Now, the problem…

When I search for content  on my Samsung TV or playstation 3, I have to select what type ( Photo, video or music ) and I get this:

WD NAS -> Music




If I select Video I get this:

Video -> Upper Folder



                All video


                Some more DLNA standard folders

Seeing I have not sorted any video  by anything exept their title and season I select Folder and get this:

Folder -> Upper Folder


Public? Aren’t we in the Video folder yet? Okey, I select Public.

Public -> Shared Videos

                 Shared Pictured

What? Jeez, only NOW I get to the shared maps?

Shared Videos -> Movies



Okey! I’ve gotten to my own content… What a hassle? CAn’t WD do something about this?

About the Smareware… It didn’t recognise my Duo 'till I added a ‘Smartware’ share/folder to the Duo.

Okey. Now Smartware recognizes my Duo but it shows as ‘locked’. How do I unlock?

Can anyone help me to the right track for a simplyfied DLNA folderstructure and giove a hand with the smartware software? I’ve updated everything WD has to offer on the download section yesterday. Software and firmware.

Also Win x64 is fully updated. Network is 1Gb/sec and rouder is a Cisco / lynksys. Recent model, uPNP enabled.

thank you.

Okey, I’m selling this one.

Sorry WD, this is the third time you’ve disappointed me ( a 750Gb and 2Tb greenlabel failed on me earlier this year ).

Even with the new ( and VERY long awaited firmware ) the Duo isn’t recognised by DLNA devices at times.

That was the drop…

I suggest you leave the single Live be and concentrate on the Live Duo all you can. 

You’re losing customers.