Several BUGS

Hi, I’ve been looking all around the forum and haven’t found the answers for my questions. I’m on the latest firmware.

1 - Is it normal that i can only stop, pause, reverse and forward BIG MKV’s (like 15GB) after 10 minutes of playing ?

2 - Why when I add movies to my internal drive via ethernet, i can never see the new folders and stuff? I even hard reset the wd but i’m never successfull, only after a couple of days they happen to be there lol

3 - When I stop an MKV and get back to the main menu, the audio still plays, why is that ?

4 - Yesterday i was playing a MKV movie with only DTS5.1 audio, i connected with to my amp via optical input but i could not get 5.1. Why is that? On another movie i can play it !

5 - Can I attach a USB Cable from the WD to the computer, and transfer files through it ? Does my computer detects it?

6 - Are these just firmware bugs from the latest version ? Which is the best one ? The more stable ?

Thanks in advance, sorry if my questions are already answered on the forum, but i couldn’t find them.

Francisco Gameiro

1-  It depends on how the file is encoded.   I don’t have that issue with any of my MKVs.

2-  I have no idea why it would take “days” for them to appear.   Sometimes you DO have to rescan the media library, but that’s about it…  Never had to do a hard reset.

3-  No idea.

4-  No idea.   Post the MEDIA INFO (text output) for a file that PLAYS and a file that does NOT.

5-  No.

Thanks for the answer. Which is the best/more stable firmware?

General feeling in forum is

I am using it and it works fine
I had maybe 3 resets/crashes in a month but I use WD Hub constantly

Thanks, I’ll try it when i arrive home, and then i’ll give more feedback about the bugs. Take care! Thanks!

Well,  went to the store to replace my WD because it had folders already created when i started it for the first time… Installed 2.04.13 and everything is the same… 

play/stop/reverse/ff on mkv’s>10GB only after 8 minutes of movie

At least now i can stop the movie and the audio will stop too immediately.

One thing that’s really bothering me and it’s really stupid … After watching an MKV like avatar, i press Back to get back to the main menu, and wherever the movie i put next, none of them will play, i’ll only get a stupid circle arrow going around infinitely… Is this even normal ? HELP me as I’m going mad with this device!!


Those are two symptoms of a bad encode…

I use 2.07.17 and it works pretty nice for MKV video and also the Internet services TuneIn Radio and Shoutcast work pretty nice.

The only downside is that you have to set your screensaver to the ‘WD logo’ otherwise the audio stops when the screensaver kicks in.