WD Live Hub firmwares bugs list (Should be inspected and fixed)

**_Dear WD consumers,

I’m not complaining about WD programmers, developers and engineers. I know they are doing great work by supporting and updating the unit, whilst I’m very pleased to buy such media server device from WD. Else I want from all WD Live Hub users to point out the firmwares bug errors in one thread to ease the work on WD devs to follow it, and fix it once for all. We are flooding the forum with repetitive posts._**

I understand that there’s nothing perfect but we could at least help the devs here to make the Live Hub a better device.

Please input your errors requests and state which firmware you’re using.


My findings:

1- Brightness / Gamma levels aren’t correct in 2.05.08. Please restore back the orginal settings from the 2.04.13

2- Arabic language setting should be written like that   – > العربية  not vice versa ة ي ب ر ع ل ا  in 2.05.08

Add these to the list

  1. At random, the WD TV LIVE hub displays " Unable to play file" (**NEW BUG**) “Check the list of supported file formats”… even though the same player was able to play the same file few moments ago. This can be easily reproduced with DVD ISO files, It does not mattery where the file resides (Internal) or USB attached or NAS, It does not matter if Media Library is turned on or off

  2. VORBIS audio encoded MKVs or other VORBIS audio tracks causes loud cracking noise and the Video and audio goes out of sync, this was mentioned many FW releases ago… See the thread here 

WD TV LIVE PLUS  http://community.wdc.com/t5/General-Discussions/Vorbis-Audio-in-MKV/m-p/131312#M18661

WD TV LIVE HUB   http://community.wdc.com/t5/General-Discussions/BUG-MKV-amp-MP4-video-Files-with-OGG-Vorbis-Audio-causes-loud/m-p/78712

3. “RESUME” playback not possible for DVD.ISO if Media Library is not turned on - (It works fine for all other media types)  —  Still not fixed