Setup My Cloud Mirror with iMac

Can I transfer all Pictures, iTunes and Movies to the My Cloud Mirror for storage (removing them from my iMac as I do not have enough hard drive space on my iMac to store these items) and access these items via my iMac, iPhone, etc.

At that point I want to backup of everything else that will be stored on my iMac. Will the My Cloud Mirror store my iMac backup in a separate location than the Photos, Music and Movies that will only reside on the My Cloud and NOT be stored on my iMac?

Thank you for any response to my question and please let me know if I need to clarify my question.

Hello and welcome to the WD community.

When you backup your Mac, I suppose that you will be using time machine to back it up, it goes to a separate share from the public share for example, it will go to a share called Timemachine, so this means it will not interfere with any other share you have copied data into.

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WD Accesscan be used to transfer / upload data from your MAC to the My Cloud Device.

For backup: As suggested by a previous user, point Time Machine to the WD disk for the time machine backup.

To store all other things, make sure that you move the Photo library for example. Google how to move it and “re attach” it.

There are also instructions for how to move the iTunes library to and external disk on the Apple support page.

(This is basically exactly what I’m doing)