Can't see I tunes & pictures on My Cloud

I’ve recently bought an I mac and backed up all the content on it using time machine. This includes I tunes, pictures and videos. When I go into my cloud 300gb has been backed up but it is all showing as a type of ‘other’ with no music, pictures or videos. This means I cannot see/ stream any of it from the cloud. Any idea what i have done wrong ?

Timemachine doesn’t copy files as-is. They’re in bundles which aren’t by themselves readable in any way.

Thanks for the quick response. So how do i set it up so i can stream music, see pictures etc ?

Have you downloaded the complete user manual from for your particular My Cloud yet? It tells you all about how to do what you want to do.

Stop using TimeMachine and use a a proper file backup tool that simply copies files as is, rather than in compacted bundles.

I’d suggest FreeFileSync.