Backup iMac pictures

I just purchased the my cloud mirror to back up all the pictures and home videos we have on our iMAC and a windows PC. All pictures are in organized folders. Any recommendations to get all these folders onto the wd mirror drive? Looks like I have to copy or drag all pictures over and create new folders in the WD mirror drive. Has to be a easier method. Obviously I am no expert . Thanks

You will need to create one or more shares (folders) and set the proper permissions on the shares using the dashboard - or you couldopt to use the pre-built Public share (public only to users you create for the Mirror via the dashboard). After that, those share(s) will show up on your iMac and you will have to copy them over. And you can always have as may levels of subfolders you like inside each of the shares. It all depends on how you want to organize it. But the copy process itself will to drag and copy the pics over ONLY after those network shares have been created and show up on your iMac’s network (I am not too familiar with Mac OS so pardon my lack of details on that bit).