Setting up Safepoint to mirror local MBL to an offsite MBL

I’m trying to figure out if the following is possible. I want to buy two MBL’s. I’d have  MBL A at House A and the second, MBL B, at House B.

House A  --> Backup --> MBL A --> Safepoint -->> MBL B

House B  --> Backup --> MBL B --> Safepoint -->> MBL A

This would create  a local backup for each house, as well as a backup image at the second house…protection against fire/theft, etc for each location.

Is this possible?

I guess you mean safepoint? If that is the case then no, safepoints only work on your local network, but you should be able to use wd2go to map MBL A on computer B and use a third party program that allows you to backup files to a shared folder. Check the link below for more info.

Your right, I meant Safepoint…I updated it!

What 3rd party software would you recommend? It would be nice if this feature was added to MBL. I read Iomega has this feature built into there Cloud Edition drive.

I suppose another option would be to just copy the contents manually from MBL A to MBL B through wd2go…but with 100’s of GB of data that would be a time consuming transfer everytime you wanted to update the offsite drive. I was hoping for an automatic solution that would only transfer incremental changes.