Safepoint over Internet possible?

I have only one MBL and my father also bought one. Now I like to setup a safepoint to run over internet so that my MBL has a mirror at my fathers MBL and vica-versa.

The option ‘scan network’ and ‘usb’ do not allow my to enter my dad’s MBL adres as he is not part of my LAN.

Is it possible to mirror over internet? If so, how can I set this up?

Currently that is not possible with the Safepoint software;



Currently, the MBL will allow you to create the Safepoint within the same network. Not on a remote address.

Please note that is always recommended to keep at least two versions of your files in case that one fails. That’s the real meaning of a backup."

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Hmmmm… Thanx…

Now I definately need an alternative solution :frowning:

Keep us posted if you come up with something.

I’m trying to do the same using Carbon Copy Cloner but I struggle connecting the drive automaticaly when the batch CCC runs.

I posted a tip request:

It is not for beginners, but if you willing to read/research and learn, rsync is an option.

The MBL runs Debian Linux, so lots of Unix options are available. 

anything to do with CCC, I would contact Michael Bombich who makes it, who is great answering emails and questions and supporting his product. I have never tried with the MBL to use CCC.

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correct. RSYNC there is many searches trying to use MBL, but I have never tried and like Shabuboy stated, its not for the beginner.