Backing up folders on a MBL with an other MBL

Hi Community,

I bought recently 2 MBLs planning to use one as my NAS and the other as a backup of the other drive.

My problem is, that it seems that the “simple” backup functionality to back up selected folders on the MBL is not possible using WD Smartware (I can only back up folders on my computer). The only possibility is to create a safepoint of the entire MBL, which for the size of 3TB would probably take days to preform.

Any ideas how to back up selected folders and not the entire drive?

Thanks for your help.

Use the Safepoint facility within the MBL’s backup option in it’s dashboard.

Thanks for the reply.

Is it possible to add only specific folders to a safepoint? I do not want to backup always the entire drive. It would take for 3TB too much time. Any ideas?


safepoint will do incremental backups if you configure it right. Therefore daily oder weekly updates are running quickly and theres no need do backup all 3TB.

Ok, That sounds good, however from the manual it is not 100 % clear what are the “right” settings, so that the backups are incremental.

As per my understanding, you can define how often the safepoint should be updated automatically but that’s all what you can do. Are there any other settings that should be done?