Backup one MBL to another MBL

I recently bought 2 MBLs for data storage and backup on my home network.  The first is where we store all of our data from all our PCs (2 laptops & a desktop), the intent of the second was to backup the first.

I’ve launched Smartware adn it only will select the internal C: drive as a backup source.  I don’t see how I can backup the first MBL.

How do I do this?

Such as it is, you can use a Safepoint, which really isn’t a “Backup,” in the usuall sense.   Safepoints are “copies.”

What is Safepoint?  Are you saying that I cannot use Smartware?  Are you saying that I cannot use one MBL to back up another?  I hope not.

I asked about this before buying and got a response that implied that I couldn’t do this with MB Essential, but that it would be possible wiht MBL.  Re-reading the response, it didn’t really confirm that it would work with the MBL, just hat it wuldn’t with the MBE.

Safepoints are described in the manual.

I figured out Safepoint, backing up with Smartware is impossible.  Safepoint isn’t really a backup, its a copy.  Not what I need or want.

Seems ridiculous to market a drive as a versitile network storage option and a robust backup, but not be able to use them for both.

I contacted WD about it and they said nope, not possible and furthermore, there isn’t backup software out there that will backup one NAS to another.  Seemed like a ridiculous claim, and it was.  I dowloaded EaseUS Todo Backup Free and it’s doing just that for me.