Data Storage Plan

I’m looking for a new data storage and backup solution.  Here’s what I do now.

I have 3 PCs on my home network, 2 laptops and a desktop.  I’ve used 2 WD hard drives for my data storage, a 120 GB internal drive in the desktop that is shared to all and mapped as Z: on all computers.  All of our files (well, almost) are stored here rather than locally.  I also have a 140 GB USB external drive  that is used to back up the internal.  It’s attached to the desktop and runs Dantz Retrospect Express backkup software that came with the external drive.

We’ve run out of space and it’s time to upgrade.  We’ve certainly gotten our money out of these drives.  Here’s what I was thinking, I need to know if it will work.

I want to get 2 external drives, an My Book Live 1 TB to attach to the router and a 1 TB My Book Essential for backup.  I’d attach the Essential to the desktop and I’d use the Live as my main data drive.  I like the idea of the ‘cloud’ storage feature on the live that will allow 

Will this work?  I’m a bit concerned as I’ve read some things that indicate the MB Essential cannot back up anything but the C: drive on the attached computer, which it would seem would preclude backing up the data on the MB Live (or, frankly, a second internal drive).  Ideally I’d like to back up all PCs on the network, but if I can get the MB Live backed up that’d work.

If this won’t work, I’d love some suggestions.


The My Book Essential will only see internal drives or external drives without smartware.

So, it won’t work or it won’t work with Smartware?  If I don’t use Smartware, I’d need to buy BU software, right?

The MB Live will BU all drives as well as other PCs, right?  IN that case, two MB Lives would work, one for data and one for BU, right?

I may just get a new internal drive plus a MB Live for back up.  No personal cloud, but likely cheaper.