Smartware Backup From One MyBook Live to Another

I have two MyBook Lives (MBL), attached to the same router.  I use one as a NAS and everyone in the family stores their files there so they are accessible from any of our 4 computers.  The other is used to backup the first.  I had planned to use Smartware to backup from one to another, but found when I bought it a year ago that it wasn’t possible and have been using 3rd party software.  Smartware would only see source files on local drives.

There have been several updates to Smartware since then, I’m curious if it can now backup from one MBL to another.  I looked at the documentation and it seemed to hint that it was, but I couldn’t find a definative answer.

Hi, currently Smartware still doesn’t support the option you mention. If you objective is to protect the data of the first MBL, using Safepoints should cover that. You can schedule a Safepoint to automatically have a second copy of all your files. Check page 85 of the manual for more information.

I thoguht so, unfortunately.  Safepoint isn’t really a complete backup solution in my view.  It provides a duplicate of your data but doesn’t protect from accidental deletion since if I delete the file on one drive, the next time the safepoint is updated it’d be deleted there as well.  If you don’t discover the deletion before the safepoint updates, it’ll be lost forever.