Setting fixed static IP on my WD ex4100 nas

So, I have followed the directions to change from DHCP to Static IP and it’s pretty stright forward but the question I have is in Step 2 Vlan setting… could someone please tell me what this is? In my set up I have the EX4100 set up as file storage where I have shares for Videos, Music and other media files… .I use Plex Server on a desktop server and just point PLex to the appropriate share on the NAS… it’s working fine with DHCP, but, I"d like to set it to a static IP as I have my Netgear NAS and my Lenovo NAS units.

Do I have to assign Vlan information or can I just pass on that?

hopefully this will be a pretty simple question…

You can ignore the VLAN setting as it sounds like you don’t require that.

Thanks for the reply, do you know what VLan is? and why they have it?

VLANs, in general, are a more advanced feature where you can have multiple networks on the same switches and even same physical port by using Dot1Q “trunks” and separate them by use of VLAN numbers (VLAN = Virtual LAN).

The EX4’s use case for VLANs is pretty pathetic, though, as one cannot create multiple VLANs on the same port.

If one’s network is VLAN based, one only needs to set that VLAN on the switch’s port the EX4 is attached to and be done with it – no need to set it on the NAS either way.