Problems setting up LAN static IP


I am trying to set up a static IP for my My Cloud EX4 but it keeps on coming up with an error when I try to use the IP assigned by my router.

When I use the dashboard to modify the IP address (via the Settings/Network/Network Services/IPv4 Network Mode - change from DHCP to Static) I get the following error when I try assign the IP which has been automatically assigned by the router. i.e. the My Cloud IP is but when I try to assign the same IP statically I get: The IP address input is the broadcast address for the set subnet mask and cannot be used. Enter a valid combination of the IP address and subnet mask.

The other settings are:

Subnet Mask
Gateway IP Address
DNS Server1
DNS Server2

any advice would be much appreciated.

Many thanks


Hello there,

Try to use google DNS’s on the second DNS server “” instead of “”.

Hope this helps

it would be preferred to use a DHCP reservation for the NAS. that is sort of a static ip. DHCP but it always gets the same IP. I would not use a static IP on the EX4.