Seriously, why is green light blinking ALL THE TIME!?

Really driving me nuts. I expected the green activity light to flash for a long time while first adding files to the MBLD–and while waiting for the RAID 1 to build. But, seriously, it completed that process weeks ago.

I’ve seen the steady blue light at times, but then suddenly the drive starts chugging away–green blinking light–for hours and hours and I have done NOTHING. No added files, no backups (not even using the Duo as my Time Machine any more–what a nightmare that was), not accessing anything.

What could the drive possibly be doing?

I’ve tried rebooting to no avail. Also tried running short diagnostics … the test hangs at 90%. Simply logging on to the Web interface is painful – sometimes several MINUTES before the drive even logs on.

Really frustrating, as I can see no reason for any of this …

I put a tiny piece of black electrical tape over it, a pea sized amount. Does the job well and blocks the light completely when I’m watching movies.

When the light is blinking green, it means your drive is being accessed, as you already know. Mine only blinks when the drive is being accessed. You don’t have torrents being automatically downloaded to your drive or something similar?. A program like that will keep your drive constantly spinning

No. As noted, the drive is being used for NOTHING when suddenly it begins churning away on its own. I’d understand if I’d recently transferred files (building the RAID) or was streaming or downloading something, but this is not the case.

Perhaps I should shut up and cross my fingers. As I write this, the blinking has stopped and the light is steady blue …