Serial Number

Where do I find the serial number in the Windows 10 registry to my portable My Passport 2TB drive?

Download and Install … Data LifeGuard Diagnostics for Windows
to find out your Serial Number.

I have blurred out my serial numbers for privacy (where the red arrow is pointing)

Thank you for your quick reply.
Nice job on the graphic.

It only gets the serial when the unit is plugged in.

I need to get my serial that is stored in the registry so I can give it to the Police.
My drive was stolen.

what you are asking is not a simple thing to find … you would need to perform a Forensic Analysis of the registry in order to assist the Police in their Investigation.

It’s more of a Windows question and out of the realms of WD Support (unless you registered the My Passport 2TB with them. then they would be able to provide you with the serial number of the stolen hard drive)

personally speaking, accept that it’s gone (as well as the data) and replace it … 2TB Passports are cheap to replace.

Hello friend, I had the same issue, stolen HDD and needed the serial for a PD report. Use this tool. So easy it’s amazing!