Serial number is not reconized

mdl 1600uo17-003 s/n [Deleted-privacy] 1600 beve these are all the number ondrive search give me no ref old system but im old also 83 please help me

Hi, I would recommend you to contact support, they should be able to provide any information that you may need.

The response you got was not specific. it said to go to the referenced link to “contact support”, but those are the email support sections. At the bottom of the page is another “contact support” link that goes to the ONLY place I have found that gives phone numbers.

This attitude is poor because WD lists an “benefit” on their product box that says “Free 30-day support from date of first CALL”. Then it says details at but refers you to the main page which has no clear indication where the support phone numbers are. The marketing people that wrote the copy on the box about “calling” need to be fired for not ensuring phone numbers were easily found. BUT in tiny print on the back of the enclosed flimsy 4 page user guide it says the North America line to call is 800-275-4932.

Or go to this web page, and notice hours are only work days.