Sentinel DX4000 after re-image default username and password

Good Day Everybody

Please assist me with a possible default username and password for a sentinel DX4000.

We reimaged the unit with the image downloaded from the WEB and the method used was to wipe everything.

After re-image was successful, client does not know what username and password to use.

Is there a method to setup all of this after the re-image, if so point me in the right direction so I can assist the client.

Thank you in advance…

There’s no default administrator password; it is set by the administrator during the initial setup.

Try running a full recovery once again if it has a password.

If the recovery was successful the next step is to open IE on a PC on the same lan and surf to http://servername or possibly Http://servername/setup

If it just came online the pc may not resolve servername and you can just use the IP address which should be on the LCD

As Trancer said, normally you set the Administrator password when you run the setup wizard from a PC

Thanks Guys will do that.

Yes, I know, it’s an old thread, but the answer is directly related to the question,
so it would be stupid to open another thread.

After re-image of the DX4000 I had the same issue with the password
and I really NEVER had the opportunity to set some paswords.
So I tried some known simple passwords and voilá…
The password for the Administrator account after a fresh re-image (deleting all data) is: Admin
This is for the EMEA-Image. For PanAm I didn’t tried yet.
I hope, this was useful.

Thanks, that was in here