DX4000 password issue

Hi all,
I have problem with DX4000 Sentinel.
Access to Dashboard is working normally, but when I want to login to RDC, it does not accept my login/password, but I know it is correct. I have now problem with security certificate, could this be connected somehow?

Thanks in advance

the only username that will work is administrator

I will try that…don’t you know default password for administrator - I used admin/admin, but it didn"t work…correctly, if the user is “administrator”.

So I found that administrator password is used for Dashboard, so I have it…just to be sure, correct is now:

login: administrator
password: *********

Is that correct?


correct user is administrator not admin
password is the same used for dashboard and connecting clients

It worked, thank you very much for help…

Thanks, and thanks for letting us know it worked .