Security problem - WD My Cloud

Hi everybody!
I have a WD My cloud. And im trying to figure out how to solve a security problem I currently have.

The thing is that i´ve configured my FTP/SSH users. They work as I want (Security / Permissions / etc)
But there is something that can go over that protocols…
Every host in my LAN have access to the Cloud Web site. There´s no asking for credentials in there.
And once you are there, you can create/delete users… and then, obviously have access to the -secured- info.

I know that i can create my own security system via my router. Creating some static routes… and avoiding other.
But I´m sure there is another way to solve this situation.

Can anybody tell me how?

Thanks in advance!

To password protect the My Cloud Dashboard (http://wdmycloud) you would generally give the My Cloud Administrator account a password through the My Cloud Dashboard User page. From that point forward the Dashboard should require a password to access.

If you haven’t already done so you should read the My Cloud User Manual ( which explains how to setup Users and Shares and how to set a Share to Private so one is required to use a User name and password to access the Share’s contents.

On the local network there is NO NEED to use FTP. One can use Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder to access the My Cloud, or one can “map” the My Cloud Shares for easier access using the Finder or File Explorer. FTP is NOT a secure method, one’s user name and password are generally transmitted in the clear.

Generally when using the WD My Cloud Desktop program, the WD Sync program, the WD mobile apps for iOS/Android, and the web portal the communications with the My Cloud from a remote location are encrypted. On the local network, one can encrypt the WD Sync communications, see the WD Sync help for more on how to activate encryption (SSL) over the local network when syncing with that software.