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Everytime I open the Mycloud software I always get the securty alert warning box. There’s no option of turning this off, it’s so annoyinhg, any suggestions?

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Are you able to share the exact security alert displayed by your device? Do you remember the first time you for it? Was it a firmware update? After a power failure?

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Im not sure if Im following your questions. I get the security alert on both of our desktops where when I open the Mycloud software to upload. We do not get the security alert on our mobile devices. I installed everything this last friday and have all settinsg corect the way we want them to be. But, for some reason, the box ALWAYS comes up when starting the software.

Can you share/upload a screenshot of this message?

here you go.

What is the solution, I don’t see an answer. I get the same Security Alert on my desktop computer when I use the My Cloud desktop app.

I don’t get that alert when I use the My Cloud desktop app on my laptop computer.

The only difference I know of is the desktop is Gateway and the laptop is Dell. 

Mine started with the last update to the My Cloud app.

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hi, my first post by the way. im getting the same cert warning everytime i open the app, it says the certificate is untrusted or unknown. dont like the thought of any tom, **bleep** or GCHQ?NSA operative going thru my stuff

I wouldn’t worry about it unless your drive’s web portal thingy is accessible over the internet (not a good idea). You are connecting via https (an encrypted connection), and it tries to verify that the WD’s cert is legit by checking with some Certificate Authorities out there in the world somewhere. It can’t verify it because it’s just your personal little “website”, and nobody out there knows about it. You can either import the cert or just use http instead. If it’s on your own personal network and you aren’t worried about someone in your own home/premises hacking it, then just use http. If the NSA or GCHQ want what’s on it they’ll get it, no point worrying about them.

This is correct. Security and connections affect certificate prompts.

Thank you for everyone’s input. I won’t worry about it then, I just thought maybe it was a bug in the software itself. Ill use this instead of the http site.