A few things, please

First of all, this is all very confusing to little ole me. I thought I was, at least, midgrade in my computer literacy. But, the MyCloud is a bit baffeling beyond the basics of using it for an external hard drive.

I have installed the MyCloud app on a PC, a laptop and a Galaxy S4 cell phone. Using the app, I need a password to access through my PC and laptop, but not my android phone. I can access the drives on my PC using Windows Explorer, but not on the laptop.

When accessing the app on my PC I get a certificate alert every time. Certificate alert.jpg

I have viewed and accepted the certificate each time, but the message still appears.

Finally (for now, at least), I am confused as to how to access the Dashboard to which everyone refers. Could someone explain?

Many thanks in advance.

Check your security settings on your computer browser. See image below.

When you set up your My Cloud did you create any shortcuts? See image below. If not, then use your IP Address http://192.168.X.XXX to open the Dashboard.


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cat0w (USA)

Many thanks ca0w. Things are working great now.

One more question, please. When I go away from home with my laptop, will I still have the same access just by using the WD MyCloud app?