Scheduled NAS to USB backup possible?

Hi! I just bought 3 of the EX2 Ultra and i want to know, if it is possible to schedule the USB to NAS backup? I created a backup job to backup folder xy to usb hd, but i cant find a schedule option, where i can for example say “Do this job every morning at 2 oclock” or somethime like this. Is there any option anywhere?

Thank you!

No there isn’t. Sadly. I’m missing this option, too.

It’s sad and hardly to understand why they have not implemented a scheduler to the backup jobs.


Yes, this is really ■■■■ and unbelievable. This is like building a car, that is able to drive forward but not to go backward, with the explanation that because you can go backward if you drive 180 to the left or right and tada you are going backward. Really ■■■■!

I really cant believe this. Its a unix like device with cron jobs build in. So where is the problem to inplement this?

But at the end, if its not in, its not in :frowning:

Greets Timbu!

This would be nice to have as well. They have the schedule for the Hibernation feature so no reason they couldnt add a schedule to run the backup saved routine.
Has anyone asked WD or put in a ticket?