Safely ejecting my passport ultra

Can anyone please help; each time I use my passport ultra and try to safely eject it, it says that windows cannot eject it because there is a programme open which it is using but there are no programmes open. I have to keep shutting down my computer and restarting in order to eject the usb?

Are you using automatic backup software? It may be running in the background or your AV could be checking files just added.


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Thanks for getting back. I’m afraid I’m not very savvy about these things. I have an antivirus on the computer. As far as I am aware, I have no automatic backup software. Would the Norton antivirus affect it then?

If you do Ctrl-Alt-Delete, Select Start Task Manager, then click the Processes tab, scroll to the bottom. There may be one or more process labeled WDxxxxxxxxx. One of those may have you Ultra “in use”.  If you right click and “End Process”, ONE AT A TIME, then try the Safely Remove for each process you end, until you learn which one (or combination) frees your My Pasport.

Sorry to join late - just bought my Passport Ultra today. I had the same problem - it wouldn’t let me Eject using the normal method for ejecting USB devices. Fortunately, I found the solution in the User Guide on p. 33 – look for the section titled “Safely Disconnecting the Drive”. You basically have to use one of the WD utilities to do it.